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Highland Toast Around the World

This cooper's tale--of legendary proportions, both imagined and real--is recognized worldwide as that of the famed whisky maker from a remote Scottish island by the name of Jim McEwan. His passion is told in our film, and in my art.

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Fèis Facts 2021

Beyond our basic fandom for scotch whisky, Scotland, and Islay in particular, with this year's whisky festival, comes a return of our Fèis Dachaigh product line--promoting safe passage of island residents through the pandemic--as well as a line of NFT art dubbed "Fèis Facts" featuring the true stars of Fèis Ìle... the whisky! This original trading card series was created as a celebration of everything Islay, specifically the 2021 Fèis Ìle whisky festival. Created as a set of NFT flash cards to keep and collect, one for each bottle released this week.  Follow us on Instagram to keep the collection handy for future reference, or buy one on OpenSea to store inside your own crypto wallet.. forever handy, and forever crystalized on the blockchain....

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