Point of Pride

Along with the myriad of drams we've encountered in making The Water of Life - A Whisky Film, come the partnerships, and today we can finally speak about a Screening series we've created with a key-featured Distillery, Bruichladdich. Woot woot, and whew!

With their passion, our talents and our combined reach, we've come to create a movie night experience that brings you all the way to Islay (that's the Southwestern Scottish island where they make the world's best spirit... IMO). On three forthcoming Saturdays, we've opened the film for three 48-hour viewing windows, sandwiching a Live Q&A in the middle with a pair of Bruichladdich staff to be held each Saturday evening (GMT) (Your time will vary). We've dubbed them the "People of Bruichladdich" series and we think you'll enjoy the experience.

If that sounds interesting to you, click on over to the Film's website to learn more. 

The event itself will be held virtually (we're almost out of the woods!) on Eventbrite, with each week's Zoom conference connected within, and the film embedded on page.

See you there!