Fèis Dachaigh

Fèis Ìle, From Afar

Every true scotch fan would be familiar with the Islay festival held annually in May.. known as the Fèis Ilè, for the "island festival" it is. A festival of everything whisky on the tiny Scottish island of lslay. 

No thanks to the pandemic, we're rounding up on two years of cancellation, the island closed to the visiting public for the safety of its citizens... the makers of the whisky we love. So we at Aqua Vitae Voyager started the Fèis Dachaigh campaign, to promote the celebration of the Fèis Ilè, from afar... at home. Literally translating from Gaelic as a safe reminder to hold your "Festival, At Home".

Help us celebrate the beauty and taste of Scotland, from afar, during the lock down.
We thank you.
They thank you!